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Bacon S'mores

Bacon S'Mores


  • graham crackers
  • marshmallows
  • chocolate candy bar
  • bacon
  • chocolate syrup


  1. Cook your bacon until crispy and then set aside on paper towels to soak up some of the oil. You’ll then want to lay out all the ingredients on a plate, having them ready is a life-saver when you have a sticky marshmallow in your hand.

  2. Roast your marshmallows over the kitchen stove, outside barbecue or in your wood burning stove. Once you get your marshmallow exactly how you like it, it’s time to assemble your s’mores!

  3. Place your sticky-gooey s’mores on a graham cracker with a piece of the chocolate candy bar over it and then top with a nice crispy piece of bacon. If you want to make the s’mores a little fancy (my kids like fancy desserts) then drizzle some chocolate sauce over the top.