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You don't have to have a boring sex life. In fact, using some simple tips to spice up your love life can improve intimacy within your marriage.

Do You Have A Boring Sex Life?

One of the key elements to a happy marriage is a good sex life. But what happens when you have a boring sex life or maybe it’s not even existent anymore. I’ve heard so many people say how great sex was before marriage. Shouldn’t sex be even better after marriage? I don’t know about you but …

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Yummy avocado brownies! Healthy desserts, easy dessert, brownie recipes, low-carb desserts

Avocado Brownies Recipes

I’m a sucker for avocados! I love eating avocados with some salt or a good homemade guacamole recipe. But recently I came across a recipe for avocado brownies and it caught my attention. At first, I thought is this for real? I really didn’t think brownies with avocado would be good. In fact, I figured …

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