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Is Your Marriage Setting A Good Example For Your Kids

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There’s a lot of things that I know I’m doing wrong when it comes to parenting. I’m sure I yell too much, I don’t always have the amount of patience I should, I let me kids eat junk food from time to time but I do try my hardest to set a good example of what a healthy marriage should look like.

It has always been important to me that my children grow up seeing what a healthy marriage should look like.

I want my boys to grow up knowing how to treat a lady and I want them to know how a lady should treat them. I want my daughter to know how a man should treat her and how she should treat her husband.

Is your marriage setting a good example for your kids? Marriage advice | relationship advice | marriage tips

Is Your Marriage Setting A Good Example For Your Kids?

Do You Fight In Front Of The Kids?

I know some people think that you shouldn’t fight in front of the kids but I’d have to disagree. Arguing with your spouse is part of life.

No marriage is perfect.

Now, I’m not suggesting you should fight in front of your kids if you’re the type that uses foul language, verbally abusive towards each other or if you ever get physical.

However, if you are both adults and know how to fight fair then there is nothing wrong with your children being witness to that.

Children need to learn how to fight fair and how to resolve issues through communication.

Remember if you are going to argue in front of your children, they also need to see you make up and resolve the problem at hand.

Do You Show Affection? 

I remember growing up I had a friend and her parents were always so cold towards each other. You probably would have never known that they were married if you didn’t personally know them.

Make sure your kids grow up knowing what love is and how to give and receive affection.

Show Them What Teamwork Looks Like

A marriage is a partnership and both parties should be equally invested in all aspects. Make sure your children see both parents helping each other to accomplish goals and tasks.

Children shouldn’t grow up watching dad sit on his butt while mom does everything (or vise versa).

Teach your children that a marriage takes teamwork!

Watch Your Mouth

Kids aren’t dumb and they can pick up on our feelings pretty quick. Make sure you watch what you say around your children.

Don’t talk down marriage. Don’t EVER talk bad about your spouse in front of your children. Don’t make condescending comments to your spouse in front of your children.

How we act in relationships as adults is probably one of the #1 things we teach our children. Make sure you are setting a good example for your children. We don’t want our children to grow up and enter unhealthy relationships because that’s what they were taught as a child.


Teach your child to value their self and their partner.

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