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Summer Activities for Toddlers

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Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy some fun activities with your toddler. It can also be unbearably hot in some areas but whether you want to get outside and enjoy the sun or escape it by staying indoors, we have you covered.

These activities are perfect for those of us with toddlers at home.

The best part is these activities are affordable, some even free!

Summer activities for toddlers. Parenting | toddler activities | summer activities for kids

Summer Activities for Toddlers

Take A Tour Of A Local Factory 

You might be surprised at how many factories offer free tours to the public. Try doing a quick good search “factory tours in city name area” to see what’s available. In my area, I was able to quickly see that The Jelly Bean Factory and Dryer’s Ice Cream offer factory tours. So cool!

Check Out The Library 

Most local libraries offer a great selection of summer programs. It’s a great way to beat the heat and it’s free!

Go To A Local Splash Pad

I love taking my kids to the park but sometimes it simply too hot! The slides are burning up, the swings burn you, it’s not fun! More and more communities are putting in splash pads and they are perfect for summer time fun.

Visit The Mall

Going to the mall is a great way to kill some time with your toddler. Most malls have a kids play area that will give your toddler a chance to burn off loads of energy.

Go Ice Skating

Yes, I get it, most toddlers don’t know how to ice skate. However, I was recently at an ice skating rink with my 8-year-old daughter and so many toddlers were there learning how to ice skate. The facility provided toddlers with the cutest training skates!

Start A Garden

Find an easy to grow fruit or vegetable and let your toddler help you plant it. Make it a game to watch it grow. What a great way to not only get your toddler interested in gardening but also letting them learn about food.

Cook Together

Even toddlers can join in on the kitchen fun. What I like to do is have all of the ingredients out before we start, this makes the experience less stressful.

Water Sensory Play

A great way to stay cool during summer is to enjoy some water sensory play. Glue Sticks and Gumdrops has a great tutorial on setting up your own water sensory play.

Have A Craft Day

You can have craft days all summer and I guarantee your toddler will be thrilled! There are so many fun ideas floating around the internet that are perfect for toddlers. No Time for Flash Cards has a great list of 50 Activities for Toddlers.

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What tips do you have for summer time activities with a toddler?

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