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Unfaithful Husband: An Open Letter To The Other Woman

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Do you have an unfaithful husband? Well, I have been in your shoes and I know that it is not fun! As much as blame my husband, I blame the other woman even more.

It’s been years since the affair happened and I am now ready to address her. I don’t know that she’ll ever see this or if she’ll even know that it’s for her but I know that if it even stops one woman from having an affair with a married man, it will be worth it!

**I hope you enjoy this guest post from one of my readers that submitted her story**

Is your marriage having problems? Are you facing infidelity? If your spouse has had an affair, read my open letter to the other woman.

Unfaithful Husband: An Open Letter To The Other Woman

Dear Women Who Saved My Marriage,

There was a time when the thought of you made me sick to my stomach. You crushed a piece of my heart that will never heal.

When I first learned of your affair with my husband, I was devastated. My heart was broken into a million pieces. Pieces that years later I’m still trying to put back together. Pieces that might not ever be put back together again.

Of course, I was extremely upset with my husband for even considering having an affair since he was the one that took vows to be faithful to me.

Then, I learned that you knew all about me AND our children. I learned that you didn’t care that he was married or that he had children at home.

All you cared about was yourself. 

How did you not care that he wouldn’t talk to you after 5 pm or on the weekends? Did it not bother you that he would only speak to your or see you during work hours?

Did you not have enough self-respect to be with a man that is proud to show you off?

Do you like knowing that you will never be more than 2nd choice?

For a long period of time, I wished you nothing but bad. I wanted you to feel every ounce of pain that I was feeling.

Then, something amazing happened!

Is your marriage having problems? Are you facing infidelity? If your spouse has had an affair, read my open letter to the other woman.

My husband and I were able to slowly repair the pain that you and he caused me.

We were finally about to salvage our marriage after his affair.

So now I want to thank you. I want to thank you because now he and I are stronger than ever. We have worked through the hardest thing our marriage has ever faced and came out on top.

We have both dug dip into our marriage and figured out where we were both slacking. He has done a lot of soul-searching to discover why he stepped out of our marriage with you.

I have also done some serious soul-searching to see what I played in his affair.

Someday, you will be married and I pray that you will never feel the hurt that you caused me. 

I pray that your kids will never have to watch you lay in bed and cry your eyes out for days…even weeks.

Remember, karma is a bitch!

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Jessica Wright

Monday 29th of November 2021

Love this letter!! Exactly how I'm feeling right now. Except my husband left me for her and I will not take him back.


Thursday 2nd of September 2021

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