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Easy Salsa Recipe

My all-time favorite snack is chips and salsa. No joke, I could eat a whole bag of tortilla chips in one sitting as long as I have some good homemade salsa. There really isn’t anything much better than easy home cooked recipes.   Easy Salsa Recipe This salsa recipe is so easy to make and …

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Homemade Pretzel Sticks Recipe

This homemade pretzel sticks recipe is so amazing! This one is going on my list of easy home cooked recipes! These pretzel sticks were inspired by a recent date night my husband and I had. We were at Applebee’s and ordered their beer battered pretzel sticks and they were really good! My husband told me …

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Firecracker Salmon Recipe

Seafood is not my favorite type of food, but I love me some salmon! This easy salmon recipe is packed with flavor and is perfect as an appetizer or a main course! It’s one of my favorite easy home cooked recipes. This firecracker salmon recipe was inspired by a recent date night that my husband …

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