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5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Better Study Habits

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Nowadays, we see more parents helping their kids with homework. And this is great however, you need to know how to do it the best way possible. You also want to teach your child to complete homework independently.

The last thing that your kids want to do when they come home from school is homework, but it can actually teach them some self-regulatory skills.

The involvement of parents in the homework can help your kids develop better study habits. However, the result will be better when you, as a parent can have your child working independently.

Do you struggle with getting your child to do their homework or focus at school? Here are some simple parenting tips to help your child develop better study habits

5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Better Study Habits

#1: Provide support and not instruction:

Instead of teaching them and telling them how an exercise is done. let them take their time and figure out by themselves. Instruction is what they already have at school and this is the last thing they need. In case you just can’t control yourself and you always seem in a rush to finish the homework, try to provide your child with some encouragement and feedback.

#2: Help them develop a routine:

As a parent, you know the importance of routines. From the moment your child was born, you knew you had to feed him in 3 or 4 hours intervals, that he was supposed to take a nap between these hours, and that the sooner he was taught to sleep during the night and be awake during the day, the better. And to achieve this, you had to create some routines, not only for your baby but for yourself as well. And with homework and study habits it’s all a matter of routine all over again.

When a child has a routine, he will not only be able to complete his homework more efficiently as well as he will take the responsibility of doing it. Homework routines can include having a specific place at home to study, a specific time to complete homework or anything similar you might remember.

#3: Emphasize the benefits:

Offering bribes or ultimatums to make children complete their homework is something you should never do. This should be one of their responsibilities and they need to make an effort for completing it on their own.

Instead, a far better approach is to explain to them why they need to do their homework every day as well as how this will help them in their future.

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#4: Provide them with choices:

Your child is growing and they already have their own opinions. So, it’s time to start giving them some autonomy and let them decide when, where, and how they want to complete their homework. Despite it seems that you’re letting the child decide about everything, you’re actually giving them the autonomy and the responsibility at the same time. If they say they’ll have the homework completed at 7pm, they need to do it.

#5: Value more the effort than the intelligence:

No matter how intelligent your child might be, you need to say that you are proud of his effort, not of his intelligence. If your child starts to believe that he already has the intelligence, he doesn’t need to make an effort on anything, and this isn’t something that you want.

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