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50 Ways to Love Your Husband

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Do you love your husband? I’m sure you do but do you know how to love your husband? Sometimes, we simply just go through the motions, never stopping to show our spouse how much we love them. Everyone needs love and needs to feel that they are loved. One of the most important marriage tips I can give you is to never stop loving your spouse!

Sometimes we can get lazy in our marriages and forget to show our partner how much we love them. Let’s make a pact to change that! I’ve put together a list that will show you how to love your husband.

50 Ways to Love Your Husband | Marriage Tips

50 Ways to Love Your Husband

Loving your husband doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve made it easy to show your husband that you love him with these 50 easy ways to love your husband.

1. Tell him that you love him.

2. Hold his hand.

3. Date often.

4. Show an interest in his hobbies.

5. Have sex.

6. Have foreplay.

7. Surprise him with a lunch date.

8. Send him texts during the day.

9. Cuddle up on the couch.

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10. Give him a good morning kiss.

11. Kiss him before you fall asleep at night.

12. Go to a football game with him.

13. Make him his favorite meal.

14. Surprise him with a weekend getaway.

15. Write a love letter.

16. Create a playlist with songs that remind you of him.

17. Show him respect.

18. Always make him feel like a man and not a child.

19. Ask him for his opinion.

20. Don’t put him down.

21. Talk highly of him.

22. Tell him you are proud of him.

23. Spend quality time with him, away from the children.

24. Tell him he’s handsome.

25. Allow him to have his own space.

26. Include him when making big decisions.

27. Don’t nag.

28. Make him breakfast before work.

29. Encourage him to pursue his goals.

30. Encourage his hobbies.

31. Let him have failures.

32. Rub his leg when you’re sitting next to him.

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33. Don’t say hurtful things.

34. Never put him down in front of others.

35. Show his parents and extended family respect.

36. Tell him that he’s a good father.

37. Don’t overwhelm him with “honey do lists”.

38. Give him a massage.

39. Make him smile.

40. Put on some lingerie.

41. Greet him at the door when he comes home.

42. Give him space when he’s having a bad day.

43. Never tell him he’s not good enough.

44. Iron his work clothes.

45. Pack his lunch. *Bonus points for leaving a cute note inside*

46. Give him quality time.

47. Help him with projects around the home.

48. Let him splurge on something he’s had his eye on.

49. Watch a “man flick” with him.

50. Laugh at his jokes.

How do you make your husband feel loved?

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Friday 30th of October 2015

I'm not married yet (I'm 37 and still more or less single), but I just wanted to comment on one of your recommended books: "The Five Love Languages." Your readership is likely vast, but they might want to know ahead of time, if they don't have the book already, that the author of that book uses Christian-oriented language in abundance. This may pose/provoke something of a philosophical problem and/or reaction in some folks' minds if they get the book and they aren't necessarily practicing Christians, if anything else.

I am here to go on record, however, and say that though I am personally of the Pagan persuasion, I still read the book because the concept Gary Chapman puts forward is absolutely worth exploring and implementing no matter what faith paths (or lack thereof, in the case of an atheist couple) a couple might have. In short--anyone who is spiritual but focuses on a non-Christian path can simply substitute their deity of choice (God, Goddess, Buddha, Krishna, etc)--or mentally omit any talk of God whatsoever--and the lessons in the book would still apply.

Why? Because regardless of religion, communication about how you best give and receive loving gestures is a MUST. How would I know this if I'm single? Watching my parents and how they interact--and my own few personal experiences. Let's just say I know more about how I want a relationship to work than I used to. :P