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Grilled Fruit Salad Recipe

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I LOVE fruit! Seriously, I could eat fruit day and night. I’m always trying to find new and fun ways to use fruit. This past weekend it was so nice out that I knew I wanted to make a fruit salad. There’s just something about warm weather and fruit that go together.

My husband was warming up the grill to cook up some hot links, so I figured why not grill up my fruit. I love the charred flavor on food, so I figured I’d enjoy it on fruit as well. Oh yes, I was so right! I absolutely love the charred flavor on fruit.

easy grilled fruit salad recipe

Grilled Fruit Salad Recipe

Enjoy a sweet treat that’s not only healthy but oh so delicious!


grilled fruit salad recipe

  • Fruit! Any kind that you like
  • Honey (I used fresh organic honey)

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Wash your fruit and the slice it into fairly large slices. When you are grilling fruit, it’s easier to handle if the fruit isn’t cut up super small. grilled fruit salad

Turn your grill on and let it warm up for about 15-minutes.

Once the grill is nice and warm, place your fruit on the grill and cook for ten to fifteen minutes a side. You want your fruit to have good markings, but not burnt. Make sure to watch the fruit closely as some pieces will cook quicker than others.

grilled fruit salad on the bbq

Once you’ve grilled your fruit, chop it into bite-size pieces and place into a bowl. Toss with honey. I don’t remember how much honey I used. I just kept drizzling more until the fruit salad reached the right sweetness level for me.

grilled salad 4


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