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How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage

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Anytime a breakdown of trust has occurred in a marriage, it can be hard to rebuild that original trust. Trust can be broken in a marriage by infidelity, lies, secrets and other marital problems. While these problems can deeply affect your marriage you can learn how to rebuild trust in a marriage again.

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How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage

Forgive & Forget 

Sometimes it’s easy to forgive but hard to forget. You will often continue to think about the betrayal and always wonder if it’s going to happen again. If you are committed to forgiving then you have to be equally committed to forgetting as well.

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Commit to Honesty

In order to move forward and rebuild the trust, you both have to commit to being 100% honest with each other. After the trust has been broken your spouse will probably doubt your actions, question your whereabouts and question if you are telling the truth.

Be prepared to go above and beyond to prove that you’re committed to rebuilding the trust. Even the smallest lies can take you back to square one.

Avoid Blame

It’s so easy to get caught up in the blame game when there are problems in the marriage. If you cheat on your spouse it’s easy to say “it’s because you didn’t do this or that for me”.

Just stop!

Blaming each other will not fix the problems at hand. In fact, it will probably make the problems worse! If you were the one that caused the betrayal in the relationship, take ownership of it. Man or woman up and say I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.

Open Up The Lines of Communication

It’s impossible to have a healthy marriage if both parties don’t communicate with each other. Take time to talk to each other every single day. Talk about your day, talk about the things that are bothering you and most of all talk about why the trust broke down in the marriage, to begin with.

Again, this communication should happen without blame. Having an open and honest dialogue will help both of you feel more comfortable.

Seek Outside Help 

It takes work to rebuild trust in a marriage. If you can’t do it on your own but are still committed to making your marriage work, seek outside help. There is nothing wrong with bringing in a professional to help your marriage get back on track. Personally, I’d rather seek the help of a professional than end up in front of a divorce court judge.

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