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7 Ways a Husband Can Support His Pregnant Wife

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If your wife is pregnant, hopefully, you’ve asked how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy. Being pregnant is a hard job for women. We get sick, gain a lot of weight in a short period of time, deal with being very uncomfortable and then deliver a precious baby.

One of my biggest marriage tips is to ensure your husband is supportive! However, pregnancy is also hard for our partners. Most husband just don’t know how they can support their pregnant wife. It’s not that they don’t want to, they simply don’t know how.

These pregnancy tips for men will help our partners understand how to better support us during pregnancy.

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How to Be a Supportive Husband During Pregnancy

1. Get Educated! One of the best ways to better understand what your wife is going through is by reading books on pregnancy and preparing yourself for what’s ahead.

Here is a great selection of books to learn how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy: Books to read while pregnant.

2. Understand Your Sex Life Might Change. Some women lose all of their sex drive while pregnant and for other women, it goes into over-drive.

Either way, try to be understanding. If your wife isn’t feeling up to being intimate, try talking with her but not pushing her or blaming her. Remember, this stage of life won’t last forever.

3. Help to Reduce Stress. Offer to cook dinner a couple of times a week or maybe pick up her favorite takeout.

Help her around the house or if you have older children have them help, take them for an outing so your pregnant wife can get some quiet time. It’s really those little things that make a big difference.

4. Show Your Love! Even if your wife isn’t feeling intimate, you can still show your love and affection. Snuggle her on the couch, give her hugs, tell her she’s beautiful and just make her feel good about herself during this time.

5. Stay Positive. There are going to be times when your wife is worried Maybe she feels like she’s gained too much weight or maybe she’s worried about the baby.

Stay positive and realize that all of her concerns are valid no matter how trivial they might sound.

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6. Listen! Please, listen to your wife. This is a very exciting time in both of your lives. Your wife will probably want to talk you about her pregnancy concerns, something she read about online, medical decisions or just share the exciting news with you. Please don’t ignore her or act uninterested. This is your baby too so share in her excitement.

7. Get her Food! You know I can’t write a post on being a supportive husband without telling you to grab her some food. There will probably be times when she is craving ice cream, french fries, fruit or whatever it might be. Go get the lady what she wants – for god’s sake, she can’t have her wine!

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