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7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Husbands Day

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I have to say, I’m a pretty lucky lady in the husband department! He’s kind, funny, really good looking, supportive and always willing to help me with anything I need.

Thankfully, he’s normally a really positive and uplifting person. This works great since I can be Negative Nancy at times – just keepin’ it real! You can find more marriage tips here.

Every now and then our roles reverse and I have to be the one to do the uplifting. This isn’t always an easy task for me but I’ve learned a few tricks that brighten up my husbands day.

Marriage isn't always easy but here are some marriage tips to help us all out.

7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Husbands Day

1. Try flirting with him a little, even if it feels silly, give it a try! I bet it will put a big ol’ smile on your husband’s face.

2. Leave him a love note or send him a text letting him know that you’re thinking about him. Even better, hide it in his car, briefcase or anything else he carries with him to work. He’ll love finding the sweet gesture during his busy workday.

3. Cook him his favorite dinner AND dessert! Sometimes doing simple things will make the biggest difference.

4. Spend some quality time with your husband. Let him vent about his day without fear of judgment. Women are great about opening up about their feelings most of the time, so try to encourage your husband to do the same. He should know that he can come to you for everything and anything.

5. Give him a compliment. Men love when their wives compliment them. Tell him how good looking he is, tell him what a good dad he is, how thankful you are to have him in your life or any other meaningful compliment you want to give him.

6. Have sex! Seriously, there isn’t much that will brighten your husbands day like sex. Men love it when their wives take charge and initiate sex. Don’t feel like you have time for intimacy? Make sure to read my post on why scheduling intimacy is a good thing!

7. Take your husband to do something different, something out of the ordinary. Spice things up and watch your husband beam from ear to ear. Does he love sports? Get a pair of tickets to a local game. Love beer? Take him beer tasting at a brewery. Love the outdoors? Plan a hike and a day of fishing. Believe me when I say he’ll notice that you went above and beyond to plan a special day for him.

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