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7 Things to Do When Your Marriage is Suffering

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Marriage is hard work! I wish someone would have told me how hard this marriage thing really was. It’s one of those marriage tips I wish I would have known long ago.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love my husband so much but sometimes balancing work, the home, kids, your own personal time and your marriage is stressful. In fact, sometimes the smallest issues can put a major strain on your marriage.

I personally believe that all marriages are going to have good times and bad times, but it’s how you handle the bad times that make your marriage stronger.

These seven marriage tips are perfect for getting your marriage back on track.

7 Ways to Fix Your Marriage

1. Quality Time – Drop the kids off at Grandmas, hire a babysitter, barter with a neighbor or anything else within reason to enjoy some quality time together.

The keyword here is quality! Don’t browse Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t talk about the kids! Spend time holding hands, giving each other kisses and enjoying each other’s company.

2. Communication Without Blame – If something is bothering you talk to your spouse about it, but don’t blame your spouse! It’s easy to blame others, but all that is going to do is shut down the communication.

Have an open and honest conversation where you both listen to each other!

Learn how to communicate better with these 5 Simple Communication Tips!

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3. Intimacy – This should go without saying but when we get busy with life intimacy is usually the first thing to go. While you might not feel like you “need” the intimacy it really is about more than fulfilling a need. It’s about connecting with your spouse and making each other feel loved and wanted.

If you want tips on improving your intimacy, read this post: 8 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

These seven marriage tips are perfect for getting your marriage back on track.

4. Remember The Reasons You Love Each Other – Turn this into an activity where you each write down all the reasons you love each other, then read over the list together.

Read: 50 Ways to Love Your Husband

5. Stop Second-Guessing Everything – I strongly believe that sometimes the problems are in our own head. When we are stressed out we tend to over analyze everything which in turn makes us second guess everything.

As long as there are no serious problems in your relationship (abuse of any kind) then just give your spouse a kiss and tell him or her you love them. Don’t second guess it!

6.  Make Your Spouse a Priority – There are times when my husband feels like everything, including the coffee maker is more important than he is.

This is not okay! Make sure your spouse knows they are a priority in your life.

Read more about making your spouse a priority: Why Your Marriage Needs to be a Priority

7. Learn Each Other’s Love Language – A few years ago a friend of my husband recommended we read called (affiliate link) The 5 Love Languages. Now I’m not going to tell you that this book was a “relationship saver” but it was really eye-opening to see how different our love styles were. This has definitely helped us recognize that we each need something different.

Read my suggested marriage reading list: Marriage Books Every Relationship Needs

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